BCC Statement on the 2016 Presidential Election Results


The Black Community Council (BCC) at the University of San Francisco celebrates and reflects the diversity our community holds as central to who we are as an institution. The diversity of our students, faculty, and staff continually reminds us of the values and opportunities of inclusive excellence through the steadfast and unwavering commitment to a place at the table for all. We are unequivocally committed to supporting all members of our community. That is who we are. These are values that we strive to live each day.

Elections define democracy. Yet, they can be seen as being imperfect, difficult and sometimes even painful, especially in the recent election cycle where many hoped for a different outcome.  

Today, an exceedingly large number of people in our community feel anxious and vulnerable about their future, the future of those they care for, and the future of our nation. We also understand that there are others at USF who are far more optimistic about the direction of national political dialogue.

As we see things today, the presidential campaign raised the specter of increased bigotry and violence against immigrants, women, people of color, our LGBTQ+ community, and the planet itself through the rejection of climate science and the dismantling of environmental protections. The BCC stands in opposition to these attacks.  

The BCC understands the importance of action, situated in the needs of our community. The BCC is ready to provide support as the groups you are engaged with hold gatherings that center on healing, communicating or other forms of community outreach. We stand with you and we will hold people accountable as we move together in solidarity.

The BCC stands for access, inclusion and a seat at the table for all. Our commitment to our beloved community is that we will hold ourselves as individual BCC members and our university leadership accountable. There is simply too much at risk. The BCC sees it as our duty to listen and support each other through these challenging times. We invite you to stand with us.


USF BCC Members and Leadership

Tracy Benning Associate Professor, Environmental Science
Robert Bromfield University Registrar
Onllwyn Cavan Dixon Adjunct Professor, Department of International & Multicultural Education & General Education
Shawn P. Calhoun Associate Dean, Gleeson Library
Tyrone H. Cannon Dean, University Libraries
Julianne Cartwright Traylor Associate Director, International LLM and Visiting Scholar Programs, School of Law
Leslie C. Clark Senior Records Coordinator, Strategic Enrollment Management
Emille Davie Lawrence Assistant Professor, Mathematics Department
Suzette DeGrange Director of Access and Inclusion, Strategic Enrollment Management
Lilian Dube Associate Professor, Theology and Religious Studies
Leighia Eleanor J. Fleming Title IX Coordinator
Ja’nina Garrett-Walker Assistant Professor , Psychology
Vanessa E. George Associate Director, Graduate Career Management
Candice L. Harrison Associate Professor of History
Malik S. Henfield Associate Professor and Program Coordinator, School Counseling Program, School of Education
Monika Hudson Assistant Professor, Director, Gellert Family Business Resource Center/Public Service Internship Program, School of Management
Keith Hunter Assistant Professor, School of Management
Clarence B. Jones Diversity Visiting Professor and Scholar, College of Arts and Sciences
Terri Lewis-King Program Assistant, Diversity Engagement and Community Outreach (DECO)
Felton Louis, Jr. Director of HRIS Services and Data Quality
Rhonda V. Magee Professor of Law, School of Law
Sonja Martin Poole Assistant Professor, School of Management
Kim-Shree Maufas Doctoral Candidate (Grad: Dec. 2017), International & Multicultural Education
Sharon A. Meadows Barnett Professor of Law, Director, Criminal and Juvenile Justice Law Clinic, Director, Racial Justice Clinic, School of Law
Patricia A. Mitchell Chair, Department of Leadership Studies, School of Education
Janine Mixon Director, Graduate Student Affairs, School of Management
Teresa L. Moore Associate Professor, Media Studies
Pamela Balls Organista Associate Dean for Social Sciences, Professor of Psychology
Paméla Tate-Roger Department of Integrated Health Supervisor, SONHP
Wilita D. Sanguma Assistant Director, University Ministry
Stephanie D. Sears Chair and Associate Professor, Department of Sociology
Desiree Shaw Director, Pleasanton Campus
LaSchaunda Smaw Events Manager, School of Management
Ronald R Sundstrom Professor and Chair, Philosophy
Michael Tadesse-Bell Director of Student Persistence and Mentorship Programs, Academic Success Coach, CASA
James Taylor

Golden T. Venters

Director of African American Studies, Professor, Political Science

Director of Residential Education

Brad D. Washington

Monica Njoku

Enna Trevathan

Assistant Professor, International and Multicultural Education Department, School of Education

Assistant Director, Alumni Integrated Communications, Vice Chair, BCC

Associate Dean for Educational Outreach, School of Nursing and Health Professions, Chair, BCC

Golden T. Venters Director of Residential Education
Mary Wardell Ghirarduzzi Vice Provost, Diversity Engagement & Community Outreach
Keisa Williams Librarian, San Jose Campus


Photo credit to Miles Herman/ Foghorn


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