A Note from the Editor

Last week, flyers on campus titled “End the Blacklist at USF” alleged that the Foghorn was withholding interviews that would incriminate USF’s administration for supposedly altering student evaluations. The distributor of the flyers called on students to pressure the Foghorn staff into publishing interviews on the matter, and listed my e-mail as a contact. This note is to put this rumor to rest. Since August of last year, a former adjunct professor at USF has been contacting me repeatedly by e-mail regarding what he claimed was unlawful termination. As editor in chief, I did my due diligence in research. I reached out to him and asked him questions regarding possible reasons for his termination, but I did not receive a reply. I also contacted the President of the Adjunct Faculty Union regarding the case and was told that the former adjunct professor had not asked for assistance with this grievance of manipulated student evaluations. Based on these findings and my communications with the administration, I made the editorial decision to not move forward with a story that was incomplete in its facts; the administration cannot disclose the reasons behind any faculty termination, and the former professor in question was not interested in responding to my direct questions. I hope that this explanation clears up the confusion surrounding this issue.

All the best,
Nureen Khadr
Editor in Chief

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