Taking Center Stage With Dot Vom and Dinosaurs

Aimee Myers
Contributing Writer

College radio: strictly about the music, run by enthusiastic youth, no major corporate backings, a “do it yourself” attitude. College radio personified: Dot Vom and Dinosaurs performing at USF’s Crossroads last Thursday night.

CAB and KUSF teamed up last Thursday to bring the student body a night of hard hitting dream pop and garage rock performed by none other than USF students and alumni, giving us Dons a chance to dance (and mosh) the night away.

While KUSF DJs spun everything from Talking Heads to Shannon and the Clams on the decks, Dot Vom set up and prepared to kick off the night. Comprised of USF media studies alumni Danny Ricci and Katiana Mashikian, the group went from catching up with old teachers to filling Crossroads with jangling guitars, pulsating drums, and powerful yet light hearted vocals telling tales of loves lost. They’ve mastered the art of making a sad song sound happy, something many established vets of the music world have yet to accomplish, proving to listeners that they’re ready to take over. One could tell that each member of Dot Vom was certainly doing what they loved, and they took perfecting their craft just as seriously as they aimed to entertain their fellow Dons, securing themselves a spot as one of the most promising bands in the college rock circuit.

Closing out the night was Dinosaurs, a quartet made up of USF students Gil and Wyatt Craddock, along with their brother Graham, and friend Damien Restano. Their tunes were reminiscent of new punk classics like FIDLAR and drew inspiration from legends like Black Sabbath, concocting a mosh-friendly wave of noise. Having just headlined in SF venues like 1-2-3-4 Go! Records and the Hemlock Tavern, they brought their band to a more modest venue for a half hour. Wyatt, serving as frontman for the band, sang about taking naps after class, and drummer Gil announced that he would be studying in the library immediately following their set, reminding us of their role as students at USF. Aside from the undergrad antics, it’s no surprise that Dinosaurs are already playing alongside the likes of Together Pangea, and Kim And The Created, making them one rising act you should definitely keep your eyes and ears on.

Throughout the night, both KUSF and CAB gave out free raffle tickets, granting attendees the opportunity to win treats like a Clash concert DVD, t-shirts, and even gift certificates to the local favorite Papalote. Before the night began, DJs and staff members garnished Crossroads in colored lights and flowers, and adorned each table with stickers, turning a study spot into party palace fit for a rock show.

By giving us Dons free merch, free snacks, a free raffle, free music, and a free excuse to take a break from homework, KUSF kicked the greed right out of radio and CAB certainly put the activities right on campus, making Thursday evening one school night to remember.

Photo courtesy of Nick Wu

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