Foghorn Staff Picks: Favorite Movies for Halloween

Nureen Khadr
Editor In Chief

Nothing is spookier to me than Shonda Rhimes. As much as I love watching movies, there is no fall feature that gets me more anxious than watching “Scandal” and “How to Get Away with Murder.” While the drama in both shows is undeniable, there is so much that speaks to human nature and the worst possible things that we can commit when the situation arises: murder, torture, political corruption, betrayal and more. And there’s always enough medical calamities and gore in “Grey’s Anatomy” to keep you satiated. What’s more Halloween than that?

Kimberlee Parton
Managing Editor

Though not of the typical Halloween slasher and paranormal ilk, “Misery” is tense and disturbing because it CAN happen. Kathy Bates plays a psychotic super fan of James Caan’s novelist character, whom she takes hostage and tortures in her remote, snow-covered mountain home. The fact this film has stuck with me for so long is probably due to the fact I saw it when I was young; I had many a sleepless nights and nightmares of Bates smashing my ankles in!

Katie Ward
News Editor

I really love the movie “It Follows.” It came out last year, and after accompanying Foghorn friends to the film, I realized it’s one of the best horror films I’ve ever seen. I don’t watch a lot of horror, so this movie was one of the scariest things I’ve watched in a long time. It’s not like other horror movies — there’s beautiful cinematography and an amazing, suspenseful soundtrack. Everyone should check it out.

Antara Murshed
Opinion Editor

“The Shining” is a Halloween classic. If you want a film that is low on gore but subtly terrifying enough to plant dread deep into your subconsciousness, then this Stanley Kubrick masterpiece is right for you. With a psychic child who sees ghosts, a haunted mountain hotel, and Jack Nicholson’s eyebrows, there’s plenty of terror to go around.

Nichole Rosanova
Scene Editor

John Carpenter’s “Halloween” is my go-to horror movie, and it’s always what I watch to kick off a night of marathoning classic thrillers. It probably has something to do with getting swept up in the romance of watching young Jamie Lee Curtis before probiotic yogurt, combined with Blue Oyster Cult’s “Fear The Reaper” before it was tainted by Will Ferrell’s midriff and Christopher Walken yelling “more cowbell!”

Emily Pinnell-Stewart
Deputy Scene Editor

I think “An American Werewolf In London” is a great Halloween movie, because it’s fast paced and even a little gory. Another thing about it that I’ve always loved is that it’s funny, sometimes really funny, and that’s a hard balance in a horror movie. It pulls it off well though. One moment you have this poor guy having an awkward hospital breakfast with his dead, zombie best friend, and the next, you have one of the most frightening werewolf transformation scenes in cinema.

John Holton
Sports Editor/Deputy Managing Editor

The first time I saw “Evil Dead 2” I watched it three times in the same month. I was completely captivated by how it managed to be scary, campy, funny, and totally over the top all at the same time. It is not only one of my favorite horror movies, but one of my favorite movies in general.

David L. Garcia
Copy Editor

When I was a kid, my brothers and I always watched “It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” after coming back from trick-or-treating. I always laugh when Snoopy rises out of the pumpkin patch, and I love how Sally yells at Linus for making her miss trick-or-treats. Her rage is so real: “Halloween is OVER and I MISSED IT! You kept me up all night waiting for the Great Pumpkin, and all that came was a BEAGLE! I’LL SUE!”

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