PASJ Faculty Takes The Stage

Ayah Mouhktar
Contributing Writer

On October 8th, 2015, alumni, students and guests from the public enjoyed a night of classical music performed by the faculty of the USF Music Department.

Held in the Chandlery room in Lone Mountain, the atmosphere was enthralling. The room held the air of passion and talent, and you could see that in way the musicians presented their work and bowed graciously after every piece, thanking the audience more for their support than for their applause.

The opening piece was a quaint Prelude in G-Sharp Minor performed by Sigrid Sheie on piano. She played gracefully, and  it seemed as though it came as natural as breathing to her.

One of the pieces that especially caught my attention was the selection from Jungbrunnen, including vocals from Rebecca Seeman, violin from Daria D’Andrea, violoncello from Poppea Dorsman, and Sigrid Sheie again on piano. The  piece, sung all in German, had the crowd in awe. Seemans soprano voice seemed as though it came out as easy reciting the alphabet.

Then came Allegro con Brio, performed by Poppea Dorsam on violoncello and Lauren Cony on piano. Cony’s fingers bounced along during every note in this upbeat melody. And the chemistry between the two musicians played to their strengths, making it look like a choreographed dance.

And the Andante Cantabile from Sonata in D major, performed by Daria D’Andrea on violin and Sigrid Sheie again, on piano, was reminiscent of my ballet classes but shocked me in how it was able to hold up as its own form.

Throughout the entire performance no phone was pulled out, no Snapchats, or Instagrams.

The night was invaluable as it allowed us to witness the performances of talented people that teach at USF.

To attend more events like these and learn more about the music department at USF visit: https://www.usfca.edu/arts-sciences/undergraduate-programs/performing-arts/performing-arts-and-social-justice-major.

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