Don on the Street: Should the U.S. Allow More Refugees?

Antara Murshed
Staff Writer

White House press secretary Josh Earnest has announced that President Obama would like the U.S. government to accept approximately 10,000 refugees from Syria in the next fiscal year. This is a considerable increase from the current number of refugees in the country as, according to NPR, the number in June 2015 was less than a thousand. Considering the rapid increase of refugees that is overwhelming the European Union, should the United States increase their acceptance of refugees as well?

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Abree Dominguez
Junior media studies major

I think those who are being forced to leave their home nation should have the opportunity to come to a country that will provide aid for them. The living conditions that some of the refugees are coping with are dangerous and unhealthy. Children are being killed everyday and there’s no reason why it should be happening. I think that Americans should embrace President Obama’s plan to provide aid for the refugees. 10,000 people isn’t a huge number compared to the amount of people that are suffering everyday.


Abree DominguezDarleane Dumandal
Sophomore nursing major

I think Americans should be open to the idea of providing aid for the Syrian refugees. Allowing people to come to America who have been forced out of their home country will give them a new chance at life and show them that they can be anyone they want to be and have a life full of success in America. I think the number is really high but our nation can handle it. If Americans were in the same situation then I would want other nations throughout the world to provide aid for us.

Jonathan De LeonJonathan De Leon
Senior media studies major

I believe that Obama is correct to accept 10,000 refugees. I think we have moral responsibility to accept the displaced people. Especially considering the fact there is something like 3,000,000+ displaced people internally and externally from Syria and Angela Merkel from Germany set the precedent by being willing to accept around 800,000 thousands refugees and economic migrants. I believe the fear that refugees will be a burden to the social welfare system is misguided. History has shown that refugees and migrants can stimulate economic growth and create vibrant communities within the areas they choose to settle.


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