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Painted Palms Stain the San Francisco Music Scene

Emily Miller
Contributing Writer

Cue the dark, crowded room, filled to the brim with people both young and old, each anticipating the arrival of psychedelic indie-pop band Painted Palms. You can feel the excitement in the air as the band finally comes out to perform brand-new songs from their latest album, “Horizons.” The upbeat, get-up-and-dance type music coupled with the cosmic images projected on the wall behind the musicians made for a very memorable experience. 

The opening acts for this album release party included surf punk band Meat Market and San Jose hip-hop artist Antwon. While all three bands that performed at the album release party were each from very different genres, they all succeeded in delivering excellent performances, feeding off the energy of the crowd.

Based in San Francisco, the creative forces behind Painted Palms are cousins Reese Donahue and Chris Prudhomme. The two crafted their newest album, “Horizons,” through email correspondence, marking the transition from simple bedroom recording sessions to making music in a professional recording studio.

Painted Palms’ new album is crisp and refreshing, utilizing buoyant electro-synth sounds along with cheery pop melodies; if Passion Pit and Tame Impala had a love-child, the product would be Painted Palms. If you’re looking to just kick back and listen to some tunes or you’re looking to dance like nobody’s watching, this is the band for you. Horizons comes out on September 4th, and trust me, it is definitely worth the purchase, each song on the album being just as charming and refreshing as the one before it.

PHOTO CREDIT: Emily Miller

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