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Jennifer Lam
Contributing Writer 

In a city full of good food, you can bet there are some tasty boba places that can quench your thirst on a hot day or as a late night treat with friends.

Within close proximity to the university’s campus, there are a bunch of boba joints to choose from. Which to choose?

Inner Richmond
5336 Geary Blvd

With another location set up to open in the Financial District, Sharetea offers a variety of cold and hot drinks: brewed teas, ice blended drinks, milk teas, fruit teas, fresh milk drinks, and creamas. They also offer a variety of different toppings to add to drinks, from boba to jellies to even a scoop of ice cream. You can even adjust the sugar level and temperature of your drink. Since there is limited space, you can’t guarantee a seat at Sharetea, but it can definitely be a quick destination to fill your craving because it’s the closest to campus. τ

Wonderful Dessert & Café
Outer Sunset
2035 Irving St

It may look like a hole in the wall at a glance, but Wonderful Dessert & Café delivers with taste in their milk teas and smoothies. The drink toppings are limited, but they also offer quick finger foods (like their salt & pepper chicken) that always seems to go well with boba. Along with their drinks and finger foods, this boba place offers a variety of candies that you purchase by the weighted amount. There is seating, but it is limited. This place is a great pit stop after eating at one of the nearby restaurants.

Boba Guys
Union Square, Outer Mission
429 Stockton St & 3491 19th St

With two locations, Boba Guys offers a pleasing aesthetic look to go along with a variety of milk teas, coffees, even sundaes. Their tea is superb and their boba seems to be spot on, not too soft and not too chewy. You can customize your drink with the different milk and sugar level options. Be warned that the seating is next to nonexistent at both locations, so it’s always a grab and go option.

Cool Tea Bar
Chinatown, Financial District
728 Pacific Ave & 643 Clay St & 229 Columbus Ave

Although it is the farthest from campus out of the list, Cool Tea Bar is a must when you’re in Chinatown. Situated inside a shopping center, they offer a smaller variety of cold and hot drinks, but they sure do have tasty options. Like Wonderful Dessert & Café, they also have a variety of finger foods like chicken wings and fries. Like most of the other boba places, seating is limited but this can just be a motivator to shop around Chinatown.

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