Rips & Seams: Lingerie for Valentine’s Day

Emily Pilnnell-Stewart
Staff Writer

Greetings and salutations! Starting this semester, The Foghorn will have a weekly fashion column, written by yours truly, that will attempt to embody USF’s mosaic of campus style and serve as an outlet for further discussion on what Fashion really means. For my first piece, I’d like to focus on the idea of self love…

Valentine’s Day is approaching quickly, and often for women this means a bombardment of ideas on how to do/be something sexy for your significant other on the big day the dilemma of buying lingerie. Therefore, I’m asking all the lovely ladies out there to stop asking “What would they like?” and instead ask themselves “What would I like?”

Dollhouse Bettie, which opened around 7 years ago, is the pinup-inspired independant lingerie brand created by Michelle and Eric Metens. The flagship store, nestled right in the heart of Haight-Ashbury at 1641 Haight Stree, provides reasonably priced lingerie in a variety of styles, colors, and–most importantly– sizes.

“We carry up to a XXL and 40G bra size,” the shop assistant informed me during my visit. Looking around, one might think they’ve stepped into the closet of some Hollywood starlet of a bygone time. Lace, garter belts, and feather boas adorn the racks of intimates, creating moments of whimsy within the baby pink colored interior. A helpful hint: though the store carries a selection of lingerie brands, if you’re looking for the pieces designed by Michelle Metens herself, they will have a “Dollhouse Bettie” tag on them.

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The thing I liked so much about this store was its focus on the woman and her body rather than the presentation of her body for another. Here, lingerie is a an intimate relationship between a woman and how she wants to express her sensuality on her own terms. There should be no expectations of how a body should look and feel, or how it should be presented. Personally, I think there is something very sexy about purchasing lingerie that may never be seen by eyes other than your own. Think about making a trip to this great boutique if you’re looking for something to wear on Valentine’s Day just for yourself.

Though I focused on ladies, this store welcomes anyone who wishes to wear something risqué and discover ways to increase their self-love.

Have a wonderful, safe, and love-filled holiday!

Photo Credit: Emily Pilnnell-Stewart

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