Foghorn Staff Editorial

Our Vision for the Foghorn

Staff Editorial

To our esteemed and loyal readers,

As you may have noticed, in the past semester the San Francisco Foghorn staff has been working on revamping its design and providing quality content. Given that there has been a major shift in our editorial staff, we decided to utilize our first staff editorial of the semester as a means of introducing ourselves and giving you a sneak peek into the work we hope to accomplish by the end of this academic year:

Ben Gill, News Editor: My overarching goal for the news section of the Foghorn this semester is relatively simple: report serious stories that matter. This means cutting out the soft stuff and trimming the fat to report on issues, people, and events that matter to both USF students and the wider San Francisco community. To that end, some of most pertinent topics we are focusing on in Spring 2015 include: sexual assault/rape at USF, lack of student diversity, gentrification and housing affordability, university accessibility, financial aid, student retention, and student employment post-graduation.

Nichole Rosanova, Scene Editor: I would really like the Scene section to be a go-to source for students on what is going on in the city in the realm of arts and culture. I want the students to be aware of the innovative things that are happening on campus, as well as how important it is that they explore beyond our cozy USF campus.

Bisma Shahbaz, Opinion Editor: As a student, I am always interested in hearing what my peers have to say about a range of topics. I think it is more than important to give students different kinds of platforms to express what they believe to be right or wrong, and I think the opinion section in the Foghorn is a great place to do so. I want the opinion section to be a well articulated outlet for our student body, where they feel welcome to share their opinions, whether they are the controversial, the minority opinion, or the status quo. At the end of the day I want people to appreciate their ability to write freely — an act many people around the world cannot do so easily.

John Holton, Sports Editor: I want the sports section of the Foghorn to be the first place that USF students go when they want to find out information about games and activities happening on campus. There are so many different sports teams and clubs at USF that most students know very little about and I think that this section can be a critical part of bridging the gap between our student body and our athletic department. To summarize I want the sports section to inform people about the sports they already love, educate them on the ones they are curious about, and expose them to ones they have never even heard of.

We hope that you will take advantage of our social media accounts and our working website by commenting and sharing our articles with the rest of the USF community and friends that you believe would be interested in our content. Thank you so much and we look forward to a great spring semester writing for all of you!

The Foghorn Staff

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