DON on the Street

Katie Ward
Staff Writer

“Do you consider yourself a feminist? Why or why not? How do you define feminism?”

Andy Davies
Andy Davies senior, design major

“I would consider myself a feminist because, to me, feminism really means equal treatment of both genders. Gender really has no impact on what you’re capable of, or what you do, and I feel like the people I work with and admire are a span of both genders, and it doesn’t determine what you can do.”

Claire Circo
Claire Circo
sophomore communications major

“Yes, I consider myself a feminist. Feminism to me means equality between both genders and fighting for both genders to live in harmony.”




Soleil Borda
Soleil Borda
freshman, psychology major

“According to society’s view of feminism, no I don’t consider myself a feminist because that word comes with a bad connotation. But, I do consider myself a feminist in my own point of view, which is equality for everyone no matter their gender.”



Larry Figueroa
Larry Figueroa
sophomore, advertising major

“The way that I see feminism is empowering women to become on the same playing field as men are, because women have been underrepresented in the past. I am obviously an advocate for women to be treated equally, but at the same time I’m not sure if opening the door for a woman or giving up a bus seat for a woman disempowers them, so I’m not sure how to be an advocate for women.”

Allison Smith
allison smith
senior, nursing major

“I like to think of feminism as a positive thing. Believing that women do the same things as men, and they deserve the same amount of right. Yeah I consider myself a feminist because I believe in the positive traits of women, but I also feel that we shouldn’t bash on men. We have to coexist, cohabitate. ”


Nick Wu
Nick Wu
junior, entrepreneurship and accounting double major

“One thing that I’m confused about is when I get onto a bus, I don’t know if I should give up my seat to girls or not, because if I give it up, am I showing that men are stronger than women, that they should have this? I think they should have equal rights, but sometimes I feel like judgment may occur among society.


Juliana Bichevoy
Juliana Bichevoy
junior, finance major

“I would say I’m a feminist because, well, most women are. I want to have a career in the business world, and that, of course, brings feminism into play a lot because men are so dominant. I would define feminism as the equality between men and women—equal pay, equal distribution of work, equal everything.”

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