DON on the Street

“The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a San Francisco activist drag troupe, are protesting against Facebook’s policy requiring that all their users must use their legal given name on their profiles. What do you think?”

JacqlineMurillo_CutoutJacqline Murillo
Junior, Philosophy Major and Pre-Med Track

“I would agree with what the Sisters are saying. I think there is a big problem in our current society in kind of understanding the balance of our legality, which is beyond our choice, especially in this situation with a given name that we might not necessarily identify with — we’re born unknowing. Facebook should not have to act as a database, because that’s not its purpose. It’s purpose is to connect people, and people are not necessarily their given and legal identities. People are the identities that they create themselves.

photo 1-6

Kimberly Dena
Sophomore, Accounting

“I think both ideas are valid because if they don’t identify with their legal name, then I could see why they wouldn’t post th

at. It’s social media; it’s how you identify yourself. So that makes sense on the Sisters’ part, but on Facebook’s part, it also makes sense from a legal standpoint, just because there’s all those dateline issues. So you wouldn’t want to have that be an issue for you, and have to deal with legal settlements.”

photo 2-7


Dillon Rawlings
Senior, Design Major

“Well I feel like there are plenty of people who already don’t use their legal name, because if you’re a performer or an actor, you use a performance name. And right now there is no legal repercussions for anybody who just uses a stage name or is part of a group with a name, even if it is a single person. I see it as just a way of promoting your act. I really don’t think there are any legal repercussions, especially if it’s a part of your artistic life and career.”

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