Bringing Down The Colony House

Dillon Rawlings
Staff Writer

Along Clement Street between 5th and 6th avenue, The Neck of the Woods is an atmospheric bar and concert venue with a killer happy hour and intimate vibe.

This past Wednesday the space featured the indie-alternative rock group Colony House of Nashville, Tennessee.  The three-man band performed a high-energy set of songs off their newest album, “When I was Younger.”  Released only 6 weeks ago by Descendant Records, the album is a sweeping mix of emotionally charged, highly personal lyrics set to tight harmonies and fresh-rain electric guitar riffs.  Exposed within lead man Caleb Chapman’s smooth vocals and the group’s vigorous stage performance is the band’s regard for alternative influences such as Coldplay and Brandon Flowers.

The three band mates, obviously filled with affection for each other (and with a hint of southern charm to boot), invited the audience into a space that is encouraging, optimistic, romantic, and downright entertaining.  The set was peppered with infectious melodies that culminated into aggressive walls of sound, with a show-ending final refrain with a decidedly darker, Black Keys-like groove.

After the show, I was able to speak with backup vocalist and lead guitarist Scott Mills, who let me know the boys are just as sincere as their performance would lead you to believe.

For Mills, playing in San Francisco is far different from their home state Tennessee.  “Such a different experience touring on the West Coast than it is in Tennessee,” Mills said. “Back at home, it’s strange because you know everyone in the audience can and probably does play as well as you. Here, there’s a big music scene and when people go to shows, they really show up to listen and get engaged. It makes being on the stage really fun, the whole space.”

Filled with robust instrumentals and ample charisma, “When I Was Younger” is now available and is highly worth a listen. You can follow the band’s travels on Facebook and Twitter—they are, as they promised on stage, definitely excited to make a return to the Bay Area as soon possible.

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