Campus Politics: Introducing Your Student Senate Executives

Elizabeth Silva
Staff Writer

Eva Long ’15

This is Long’s seventh semester on Senate. “The reason I continued being on Senate is because I enjoyed the interactions that I had with my peers,” said Long, “and I truly believe that ASUSF Senate is the premier organization to get involved in if you truly want to make [a] positive change on the USF campus.”  Over the next year, she hopes to increase the visibility and accessibility of Senate as an organization within the realm of Student Leadership and Engagement as well as the greater USF community as a whole.

Besides serving on Senate, Eva is also involved in Alpha Phi Omega, Relay For Life, GO Team, and the Student Philanthropy Committee, and works for the Division of Student Life Department of Student Housing.  She is a Honolulu native majoring in Politics with a double minor in Public Service and Community Engagement, Communication Studies.

 A fun fact about Eva is that she has never had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich!

Laureano Figueroa ’17
Vice President of Public Relations

Figueroa is an advertising major from Orange County, California who decided to run for Senate because he was senior class president in high school and the role allowed him to learn valuable lessons about working with and representing others and moving forward as a unified front.  “I feel as though the position [on Senate] was almost made for me because everything that that role entails essentially is what I genuinely love to do,” said Figueroa.   “I find myself always thinking about what I can do to make more of an impact within my position.”  He is very excited for this year and hopes to rebrand the Senate organization by having a more involved and active audience.

 Apart from Senate, Larry loves Disneyland, Korean barbeque, and driving his car down Pacific Coast Highway back in the O.C.  He is also a part of GO Team, Phi Delta Theta, Campus Activity Board, Los Locos, and Kasamahan.

A fun fact about Larry is that he has a pun for all of his instagram pictures (every single one!) @larrythelefty.

Nick Zhidong Wu ’16
Vice President of Business Administration

Entrepreneurship and accounting major Zhidong Wu has many goals for the upcoming year.  His goals are to create a diverse finance committee that can represent different groups of students’ financial decisions and to help international students get more involved on campus.  “I am reaching out to different student organizations and students who are not involved on campus to finish my first goal. For the second goal, I will represent Senate by showing up to more international student events to spread the benefit of getting more involved on campus,” said Zhidong Wu

 Besides serving on Senate, Zhidong Wu is a huge basketball fan and plays the flute and guitar.  He is also involved in the Dons Marching Band, Pi Kappa Phi, and GO Team.

 A fun fact about Nick is that he hates carrots!MadeleineShelton_CutOut
Madeleine Shelton ’15
Vice President of Sustainability

Shelton is an Entrepreneurship and Innovation major from San Diego who will be serving a second term this year.  She joined Senate because she believes that it is an excellent platform for creating change on campus and provides a place where she can grow professionally.

Her goals for this year include conducting research and crafting a plan for the university to divest from fossil fuel divestments and diversify endowment investments.  Shelton also plans to host a fantastic Earth Day that encourages students of all backgrounds to kick back on the lawn and enjoy some sunshine.

Outside of Senate, Shelton is involved in Delta Zeta and Saint Ignatius Institute.  In her free time, she also enjoys being outdoors, trying new recipes, running, going to garage sales, and dancing.

A fun fact about Shelton is that she started her own business on Etsy—Properly Penned—in 2011 out of her Gillson dorm room in during her freshman year. She loves working with watercolors and the art of hand-lettering. She specializes in addressing wedding invitation envelopes with modern, contemporary hand-lettering styles.
Jacqline J. Murillo ’16
Vice President of Mission

Nijmegen, Netherlands native Murillo, a Philosophy major on a pre-med track, joined Senate because she was really interested in what could be done with her role.   

“I have a deep passion for the university’s mission and I wanted a platform in which I could express that and make it [the mission] tangible for the larger USF community. Furthermore, as for senate as a whole, I appreciate what [we] stand for, not just conceptually, as an organization, but what we individually stand for and bring to the table as people and students of USF,” said Murillo.  “I really feel as though my senate peers have a desire to leave campus a better place, and that drive for positive change really inspires me.” 

Stefani McNamee ’16
Vice President of Internal Affairs

The Exercise and Sports Science and Gerontology Minor student joined Senate because she “saw it as a great opportunity to serve and represent [her] peers.”  McNamee’s goals for the year are to collaborate with more clubs and organizations on campus. She is also working very hard to bridge the gap between Executives and Senators within the organization.

 “For this year, I have brainstormed many different ideas from the leadership conference that we attended over the summer. My goal is to try out as many new things with the Senators as possible. Everyone always comes up with wonderful ideas, but they never follow through with them. My goal is to follow through with them throughout the year,” said McNamee. 

Outside of Senate, she enjoys running, reading, surfing, snowboarding, and exploring.  On campus, she is involved in Delta Zeta and is a CORE leader.

Martin Juarez ’16
Student Government Executive Assistant

Juarez is an international studies and Latin American studies double major from Redwood City, California,

 “I decided to become a part of Senate so that I could serve an organization that represents and advocates for students at the University of San Francisco,” said Juarez.  His goal for this year is to play a supportive role for the Executive Board as well as for the Senators, so that he can serve as a productive and reliable member of Senate.

 On campus he is involved in Alpha Phi Omega.  In his spare time, he enjoys reading, watching movies, traveling, and going on adventures in San Francisco.  He spent his summer abroad in Bolivia interning for an HIV/AIDS organization. 

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