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Volleyball: 2014 Dons Prevail in Alumni Game, Ready for New Season

Andrew Noerr  
Staff Writer

The Dons can put a check mark next to their final test before the new season begins. USF held its annual alumni game on Saturday at War Memorial Gym, and swept the alumni in three sets by winning 27-25, 25-22, 25-23. The game featured the 2014 USF team taking on an assortment of former Dons volleyball players, and while it serves more as a fun and traditional event rather than a must-win contest, the 2014 squad still treated the game as a legitimate battle and a good warmup for the regular season. “It was a great atmosphere today, and had a real game feel,” head coach Gilad Doron told usfdons.com. “The alumni played very well and pushed our current team’s play, which was very important for us. Our players can learn from the game, and I hope it will help them build their trust and confidence in one another before we start the season next week.” The USF alumni were neck and neck with the 2014 squad in all three sets, and perhaps that shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone considering the amount of talent that was present on this year’s alumni team. Some standout names from this year’s group include former All-West Coast Conference player Carly Babin Biolasky, 2007 WCC Defensive Player of the Year Haley Caroll and USF’s Most Valuable Player in 2012, Leanna Ludes. “After graduation, people go back home or go on other adventures,” Ludes told usfdons.com. “This is a time to reconnect, reminisce and have a good time with other alumni, whether you shared the court at the same time or not.” Now that the alumni match is behind them, the current Dons team is ready to embark on the journey that is the 2014 season. USF will be hosting the San Francisco Invitational on Friday, Aug. 29 and Saturday, Aug. 30. The other teams competing in the tournament are Georgia, Fordham, and SMU, and the first match for the Dons will be against the SMU Mustangs at 6:30 p.m. on Friday. USF will then battle Fordham on Saturday at 12:30 p.m., and Georgia at 7:00 p.m. that night. “I’ve heard that (the Dons have) got a good squad this year, and a lot of talent that could make them a very powerful unit this season,” Ludes said. 

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