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Harvard Bans Student-FACULTY Relationships

Staff Editorial 

Harvard has recently introduced a ban on sexual relationships between undergraduate students and faculty in order to maintain professionalism and the core value of learning. The incentive to ban student-faculty relationships is to help prevent sexual misconduct on campuses. Harvard joins other universities, including Arizona State University and Yale University, in changing their policy on this issue. The Foghorn considers Harvard’s stance on the ban and on these policies.  Continue reading Harvard Bans Student-FACULTY Relationships

Variety of campus clubs on display at student involvement fair

Eli MacDonald
Staff Writer 

The Student Involvement Fair last Thursday had the University Center bustling with students inside and out. The bass-heavy notes of hip-hop music reverberating from the second floor plaza, the throngs of students flowing from floor to floor, and the rows of tables showcasing clubs of countless persuasions, all seemed to say, “try not to get involved, we dare you.”  Continue reading Variety of campus clubs on display at student involvement fair

Student Impressions of Father Fitzgerald

Alex Leanse
Contributing Writer

Professor Teresa Moore’s Journalism 1 students are responsible for organizing the inaugural preview package. They were able to take half an hour out of the Rev. Paul Fitzgerald’s busy day for a question and answer session. The reporters-in-training asked about  Fitzgerald’s background and goals, educational philosophy, and discovery of Jesuit values. After the interview, a few of these students shared their impressions of the new president:  Continue reading Student Impressions of Father Fitzgerald

The Working College Student

Claudia Sanchez
Staff Writer

With college tuition prices rising each semester, many students turn to jobs, in addition to federal aid, scholarships, and loans, to pay for their tuition. There are currently 6,745 undergraduate students attending USF, and many of them are splitting their time between jobs, classes, and studying.

The university offers many on-campus job positions ranging from working with Bon Appetit catering to assistant jobs in different departments. Continue reading The Working College Student

If You Build It, They Will Come: Campus Bike Locking Structure Forthcoming

Students at the University of San Francisco are constantly on the move. Whether it be the hustle between classes or a two-wheeled ride to campus, Dons of the latter variety will soon experience more accommodations for bikers at USF.

In the works is a roofed, secure bike storage structure to be built in the upcoming years. While the final design and location have not yet been determined, USF Facilities Management will be working with junior architecture student Bryce Costley to develop the bike shelter.

“As biking has become a more popular mode of transportation to the USF campus, the amount of secure bike parking must increase…a covered shelter offers more security and will also keep bikes out of the rain,” said Robin Kuehn, the transportation sub-chair of the sustainability committee and a senior history student.

Costley’s model recently won an architecture and design student competition hosted by facilities management, USFpedals, and the ASUSF Sustainability Committee. His design can house up to 72 bikes on a two-level locking fixture, and includes lockers and a changing space, all of which can only be accessed with a USF ID. The outside of the structure features an open area for educational sessions and meetings. According to Liz Miles of facilities management, the final design components will implement a roofed structure with secure racks in a space of 600 square feet, which is about the size of a large living room.

The fear of theft and weather damage are the top factors deterring USF community members from biking to campus, said Steve Zavestoski, an environmental professor behind the Bicycle Transportation Plan. “The promise of covered and secure bicycle parking would attract people who otherwise do not bring a bike to campus. When people feel respected for their choice to use a bicycle for transportation, they are more likely to continue making that choice,” he said.

Of 127 bike rack spaces available throughout campus, only 73 of them are being used, according to the USF Bicycle Transportation Plan headed by USFpedals. The plan hopes to create more amenities for USF’s cyclists in order to better adapt to San Francisco’s prevalent bike culture. One of these amenities includes doubling the number of campus bike racks to 20, and including covered and secure parking options for 250 bikes before 2016.

Bikes are often improperly parked in areas like the bottom of the Lone Mountain stairs or at the entrance to the Kalmanovitz amphitheater because most of the current racks are in inconvenient areas located away from where riders can keep watch of their bike, as stated in the plan. In a 2011 USFpedals survey, nearly 500 of the 620 students, faculty, staff, and USF community members said that a free, covered, secure bike parking area would persuade them to ride a bicycle to campus.

Kuehn said, “Hopefully the new bike shelter will be a place where cyclists and non-cyclists intersect to form new friendships, share stories, exchange biking tips, and brainstorm ways to make USF a more sustainable campus.”

For more information on the USF Bicycle Transportation Plan, visit http://www.usfpedals.org.