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Should Prisoners Be Released Under Proposition 47?

Staff Editorial 

The approval of California Proposition 47 has allowed for the release of 2700 prisoners over the past four months. Prop 47, also known as the Reduced Penalties for Some Crimes Initiative reintroduces misdemeanor sentences for prisoners sentenced with nonviolent felonies unless they have also been convicted for murder, rape, certain sex offenses, or certain gun crimes. Continue reading Should Prisoners Be Released Under Proposition 47?

California Pushes for Peddling with Helmets

Staff Editorial 

Two cities in California, San Francisco and Long Beach, make the list of the top 50 bike-friendly cities in the United States according to an online bicycle-oriented newspaper, Bicycling. California unfortunately tops another bike-oriented list. According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, California has the highest number of cyclists killed in comparison to every other state, with 338 cyclists killed in collisions with motor vehicles between 2010 and 2012. These numbers led State Senator Carol Liu to introduce SB192, a bill that would require all cyclists, adults and minors, to wear a helmet or pay a $25 fine. If passed, California would become the first state to implement a law requiring those 18 years and older to wear a helmet. Continue reading California Pushes for Peddling with Helmets

Harvard Bans Student-FACULTY Relationships

Staff Editorial 

Harvard has recently introduced a ban on sexual relationships between undergraduate students and faculty in order to maintain professionalism and the core value of learning. The incentive to ban student-faculty relationships is to help prevent sexual misconduct on campuses. Harvard joins other universities, including Arizona State University and Yale University, in changing their policy on this issue. The Foghorn considers Harvard’s stance on the ban and on these policies.  Continue reading Harvard Bans Student-FACULTY Relationships

Our Vision for the Foghorn

Staff Editorial

To our esteemed and loyal readers,

As you may have noticed, in the past semester the San Francisco Foghorn staff has been working on revamping its design and providing quality content. Given that there has been a major shift in our editorial staff, we decided to utilize our first staff editorial of the semester as a means of introducing ourselves and giving you a sneak peek into the work we hope to accomplish by the end of this academic year: Continue reading Our Vision for the Foghorn

Retail Employees Like to Give Thanks, Too

Staff Editorial 

Thanksgiving is not a religious holiday, but it has been culturally adopted into our national narrative as a day of reflection, gratitude, and time spent with family. Retail stores like Target, K-Mart, Walmart, and more have used this as a rationale to increase sales and stay competitive by opening at times ranging from 6 a.m. Thanksgiving morning (K-Mart) to 6 p.m. Thanksgiving evening (Target) and having employees come in to work. As a result, multiple petitions have appeared on Change.org with employees like internet sensation Justin Mills in Selah, Washington, calling for Target to close on Thanksgiving and not open until Black Friday. This particular one has almost 88,000 signatures of support. Continue reading Retail Employees Like to Give Thanks, Too