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KUSF.org’s Ultimate Breakup Playlist

Contributed by KUSF.org DJs and volunteers

Valentine’s Day can be tough, so it’s a good thing we have the people over at KUSF.org to make it better. Here are the breakup song picks from some of the amazing people behind USF’s student run radio station. Cry with us.

Evan Mclean
“Without You” by Spooky Black
Some songs just really pull at the heart strings, you know?

Maggie Silverman
“Emotion” by Samantha Sang
I used to have a radio show with my ex-boyfriend in high school and we had to continue doing it the whole year regardless of our differences and I thought it was super funny to play this song really loud in the studio and sing along to it to possibly make him feel more uncomfortable than he already was. Continue reading KUSF.org’s Ultimate Breakup Playlist

Tunes for Final Exams: A Rock Playlist

With only a month left of Fall semester, we all need something to get us through the final stretch. Staff writer Paolo Arellano has compiled a playlist of classic and alternative rock songs to accompany those late nights studying, or for when you just need a break.

1 “Stairway to Heaven” by Led Zeppelin

One of Led Zeppelin’s most famous songs — as well as one of its most relaxing ones — “Stairway to Heaven” is a variety of soft acoustic melodies with a classic guitar solo.

2 “Closer to the Sun” by Slightly Stoopid

Slightly Stoopid is an American band from Ocean Beach, California. This short song contains euphoric and uplifting melodies. The only bad part about it, is that it is only two minutes long.

3 “What I Got” by Sublime

Hailing from Long Beach, California, Sublime is known to have created a new genre called skate rock. Skate rock is typically enjoyed by skaters and beach cruisers. This jam will remind you of the ease that follows the end of the semester, as well as the beginning of winter break.

4 “Light My Fire” by The Doors

Yet another classic rock song from the late 1960s, “Light My Fire” is one of the most popular songs by The Doors. It’s a seven-minute rock classic with flare and variety, including a keyboard solo that lasts a while. It should sustain you while doing work.

5 “We Are The People” by
Empire of the Sun

From the album “Walking on a Dream,” Empire of the Sun executes this perfect relaxing tempo that won’t make you fall asleep.

6 “Santeria” by Sublime

Sublime’s music tends to have that beachy sound and heavy surfer or skateboarder feel. This vibe can help with de-stressing and keeping spirits up.

7 “Californication” by Red Hot Chili Peppers

No playlist is complete without a song by Red Hot Chili Peppers, especially a soft-sounding tune like “Californication.” It is five minutes packed with great vocals by Anthony Kiedis and another guitar solo that’ll give you chills.

8 “Walking on a Dream” by
Empire of the Sun

With the lyrics, “We are always running for the thrill of it, thrill of it/Always pushing up the hill, searching for the thrill of it,” this song will motivate you to push through the tough school days.

Get Through Finals: A Playlist

The best time of the year is approaching us here at USF! And no, I’m not referring to Christmas, but Finals Week. This is the time for late nights in the library, frantic group projects, and of course the frequent double shot espresso coffee and Red Bull. Many of us, in addition to these healthy lifestyle choices seen throughout finals week, also resort to music as a way to focus, “get in the zone,” and essentially stay awake.  Here is a list of five songs many students listen to around campus to get into the mood (of studying of course), and focus on the papers, books, art projects, or whatever else they need to get done!

1. Apartment – Young the Giant

You can’t help but to nod your head to the beat with this one! While still being mellow enough to study to, but still interesting enough to keep you lively and awake, this is a lyrically beautiful song that’s perfect to listen to while doing some math homework or a project.

2. Higher Ground – TNGHT

If you happen to be a fan of electronic music and study best to instrumentals, this is the song for you. With an infective beat, if it’s super late at night and you need that song to help you push through, this is it!

3. Next – The Weeknd

For R&B lovers, this song’s slow tempo is perfect to listen to when reading or taking notes. With instrumental breaks and Tesfaye’s soothing vocals, it’s a long and calming track that’s guaranteed to help you focus.

4. Wash. – Bon Iver 

For those times when you need to completely tune out everything around you, this song is perfect. It is melodic, smooth, slow, thoughtful, and great for assignments that need your full focus. Listen to this and that A will be guaranteed!

5. Handlebars – Flobots

And finally, a song that’s filled to the brim with angst, energy, and lyrics that make you want to rule the world, Handlebars is guaranteed to help you push through that final moment of that final day of that final final. As one of the most motivating songs of our generation, if this song doesn’t rile you up and get you pumped then at that point it’s officially bedtime.

Take these songs, make your own playlist, and show the world that you plan to end your school year on a fantastic note; good luck!

Snappy Tunes For When It Almost Snows

Students at USF seem to be ill-equipped for the Bay Area’ s recent cold snap. Students are shivering in their sweatshirts while the university is sending out warning notices about frosty stairs at Lone Mountain. Personally, I believe in the students’ ability to keep themselves upright without the administration’ s help, but I thought student body could use a little help to create the perfect mix of songs to get through a winter’ s day. In honor of what what supposed to be San Francisco’ s first snow in 35 years, I present to you the Winter in California playlist- a group of songs dedicated to cold weather and indie rock. Put this on your iPod and you’ ll be too busy spacing out to these laid-back winter jams to complain about the weather.

Fountains of Wayne- Valley Winter Song
Mumford & Sons- Winter Winds
Hot Panda- Cold Hands/Chapped Lips
Elliot Smith- Angel in the Snow
Superchunk- Winter Games
Matt Costa-Cold December
Fleet Foxes- White Winter Hymnal
The New Lows- Cold Shivers
Stars-Winter Bones
Margot & The Nuclear So And So’s- On a Freezing Chicago Street

Tracks to Get You Ready for Fall Fest

The Fall Fest concert is nearly here and this year four artists will share the stage. Jay Sean, New Boyz, the Cataracs and Rock-It Scientists LIVE are singers, rappers and DJs who all have dance-worthy beats. Here are some of their hits singles as well as a few new tracks to add to your playlist to get you ready to sing along on October 23rd.

The Cataracs

Track we all know:

“Like A G6” FM ft. The Cataracs & Dev

New ones to try:

“Club Love”

“Blueberry Afghani” ft. The Pack

Jay Sean

Tracks we all know:

“Down” ft. Lil Wayne

“Do You Remeber” ft. Sean Paul & Lil Jon

“2012 (It Ain’t the End)” ft. Nicki Minaj

New ones to try:

“Ride It”

“Dance With You”

“Lights Off”

New Boyz

Tracks we all know:

“You’re A Jerk”

“Tie Me Down”

New ones to try:

“So Dope”

“Dot Com”

“Break My Bank” ft. Iyaz

Rock-It! Scientists

New ones to try:

“Way I Are-Timbaland Party Break”

“Rock-It! Scientists Mix 2010”

“Best of You”