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A Note from the Editor

At a time when differing perspectives on the Israeli-Palestlinian conflict has at times polarized discourse on college campuses, we wanted to set the record straight regarding Foghorn’s coverage in the Fall of 2000, when faculty and students alike engaged in controversial dialogue on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as the Second Intifada began towards the end of September. The San Francisco Foghorn misrepresented Professor Stephen Zunes in a series of one-sided reporting during the uprising as propagating anti-Israel and anti-Semitic ideas and rhetoric in the classroom. We, as a staff, hope that this correction will clarify any misconceived notions regarding Professor Zunes’ perspectives and opinions. As it stands today, and following a thorough investigation by former Dean Stanley Nel back in 2000, it should be known that courses taught by Professor Zunes in the realm of Middle Eastern affairs have never shown any kind of bias against Israel. It is clear that USF would only appoint a faculty member to chair the Middle Eastern Studies program who would foster valuable dialogue that would be conducive to changing the world from here.

Nureen Khadr
Editor in Chief