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Media’s Blind Eye Towards Boko Haram

Ashley HartAshley Hart is a senior international studies major.

In the wake of the terrorist attacks that shook Paris to its core, upwards of three million people took to the streets of Paris in an expression of solidarity that many claim is the largest in France’s history. As leaders from around the world joined hand in hand through the streets of Paris, the streets in northeastern Nigeria were crowded with something that didn’t seem to capture the media’s attention: corpses.  Continue reading Media’s Blind Eye Towards Boko Haram

College News From Around The World

Kimberlee Parton
Staff Writer

Okene, Nigeria

The Free University of Nigeria (FUN) is under federal investigation by the Nigerian government after allegations that the ‘university’ is operating illegally as a scam. FUN is touted as Africa’s first non-profit, tuition-free, cloud-based higher education institution where students could earn a four-year degree for free online. The now defunct website for FUN stated that accreditation from Nigeria’s National Universities Commission was underway, but the commission posted a bulletin on Nov. 3 stating there are currently 57 illegal degree-awarding higher education institutions operating in Nigeria, and that eight of them are undergoing either federal investigation or court action, including FUN.  Continue reading College News From Around The World