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Spanish Women’s History Explored At USF Film Fest

Nichole Rosanova
Staff Writer

On the last day of the USF Human Right’s Film Festival,  women’s rights moved to the forefront. Domestic violence, oppression, and sexuality were just a few underlying topics that motivated the talented directors showcasing their work this past Saturday.  Director Cecelia Montagut was able to capture [] in her film “Women Under Suspicion.” Continue reading Spanish Women’s History Explored At USF Film Fest

Off The Grid: Foghorn Editors Do Fort Mason

David L. Garcia & Nichole Rosanova
Staff Writers 

Off The Grid at Fort Mason is the city’s sign that Spring has begun. Beginning every March, the lot in front of the Fort Mason Center becomes a gastronomic wonderland, a swarm of food trucks, vendors, and foodies every Friday evening. This past week, we visited the scene with empty stomachs and open minds. Here’s what Off The Grid had to offer.  Continue reading Off The Grid: Foghorn Editors Do Fort Mason

Battle Royale: Papalote vs. Street Taco

Claudia Sanchez
Staff Writer

Mexican food is a huge part of Californian culture. Whether you’re from L.A, San Francisco, or anywhere in between, you probably have an opinion on where the best, most authentic taco is, or who makes the best burritos. Mexican food, like burritos and tacos, is great for students on the go because they provide a filling meal while also being portable. Continue reading Battle Royale: Papalote vs. Street Taco

Food Media presents: Healthy Meal for students

Nichole Rosanova
Staff Writer

Many people often comment and ridicule the diets of college students. Their diets consist of many unhealthy foods and often they justify this because healthy food is expensive and time consuming to prepare. It is a misconception that eating healthy, fast, and cheap do not go hand in hand.

With this idea in mind, media studies student, Luna Fariña decided to follow a college student and record every piece of food they consumed and get them in the act of making it. I think the video showed some inexpensive options and how easy cooking good meals can be for you.  The video challenges students to make healthy choices in their life, and proves that it is not as challenging as one might think.

* The above video was filmed for Beth Hoffman’s Food Media Class


Grant Bonham
Staff Writer

In an otherwise normal house off of 20th and Mission you can take a trip like no other, with a man whose stories speak volumes of American counter culture in a room filled with his priceless artifacts. Among walls covered in picture frames and shelves overflow- ing with records I met Mark McCloud, the curator of this virtual time machine known colloquially as San Francisco’s LSD museum. Continue reading ONLY IN SF: AN LSD MUSEUM