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Millennials Rejoice: Staff Editorial

It seems that our parents have underestimated us again, and we have the studies to prove it. Our generation has endured a multitude of criticisms from our parents and grandparents, ranging from laziness, shallowness, having an addiction to electronics, and being snobby brunchers. But researchers are now saying that there seems to be much more to us than just being selfie-fiends.

A Pew Research study published earlier this year claims that as a post-9/11 generation, we have been pioneering a path more progressive and enlightened than seen before by Generation X. An attack that was intended to break our spirit and confidence only drove us to push for social change. Being a “digitally native” generation, we have turned to social media to express ourselves and connect with people we might have never interacted with. Continue reading Millennials Rejoice: Staff Editorial