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All Dressed Up and Only One Place to Go: Why Halloween in San Francisco Reigns Supreme

Laura Reilly
Contributing Writer 

From the city that brings you Bay to Breakers, piles it on for Pride, and empties out for Burning Man, you can expect only the most lavish turnout for the year’s largest excuse for dressing up: Halloween. We talked to three San Francisco costume establishments about dragons, dirty presidents and what makes Halloween here like nothing else. Continue reading All Dressed Up and Only One Place to Go: Why Halloween in San Francisco Reigns Supreme

“I.D.G.A.F.” and Fashion for Adult Babies: A Recap of the Runway at SF Fashion Week

Laura Reilly
Contributing Writer

After one week of events, three days of runway shows, twelve designers, a few dozen models, four wine varietals and a house-made sangria, San Francisco Fashion Week came to its close on Sept. 28, not with a bang, but with a charmingly unceremonious call. “Okay that’s it, go and drink now,” said the event’s founder, Owen Geronimo. This had been his preferred closing statement for the past three nights of shows held at coworking space, ECO­-SYSTM.
Continue reading “I.D.G.A.F.” and Fashion for Adult Babies: A Recap of the Runway at SF Fashion Week

Ask the Students: How Do You Make Money Off Campus?

“I’m a freelance photojournalist and I primarily work with the San Francisco Bay Guardian. It’s an exciting job and my assignments range from photographing kittens to sex fairs. However, I still babysit to occasionally supplement my income.”

Amanda Rhoades | Senior Media Studies major

“I’m the Administrative Assistant at INgrooves— a leading provider of digital distribution, marketing and promotion to the global music and video clients via its ONE Digital platform, including for Universal Music Group in North America and for hundreds of independent labels and thousands of artists globally. My main job is screening our artist submissions!”

Élan Bailey | Senior Media Studies major

“I buy and sell ‘80s and ‘90s designer vintage clothing on my website, http://dopevintagesf.com/. This entails sourcing the goods, coordinating photo shoots, putting together looks, website maintenance, customer relations, and marketing. It’s a lot of work but I love it!”

Laura Reilly | Senior Media Studies major

“At Benefit Cosmetics, I help plan events to educate makeup artists at our boutiques how to use our products! I also help the training department plan our new product launches throughout the year. Most of Benefit Corporate is made up of women— it’s so inspiring to see so many powerful women around me.”

Molly Grey | Senior Sociology major 

“On the weekends, I work at the Black Hawk Gallery. I participate in designing seasonal art exhibits!”

Jeffrey Chen | Freshman Art History/Arts Management major

“I work at Starbucks to help pay for my loans. When the high school rush comes in, the demand for frappuccinos is crazy!”

Anjelica Zamora | Freshman Psychology major

“I just started a new job at Starbucks, and I also babysit off campus.”

Jessica Erickson | Junior Sociology major

“I work at the City Target over yonder – it’s been exactly a month! It’s nice because it was close to school and just opening, so I knew that they needed people.”

Katherine Nguyen | Freshman Psychology major