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Dig for Treasure at the Flea

Claudia Sanchez
Staff Writer

Every last weekend of the month, Treasure Island fills up with food trucks, artisanal goods — ranging from ceramics to statues, jewelry, furs, clothing, oddities — and delicate little trinkets from past decades. Treasure Island Flea Market, founded by Ansanelli Productions in 2011, brings in large crowds every month. Continue reading Dig for Treasure at the Flea

Tuning Into KUSF’s Rock ‘n’ Swap

Lina Galeai
Contributing Writer

Vinyl enthusiasts and music connoisseurs alike gathered at KUSF.org’s first Rock ‘N’ Swap of the semester. Collectors and buyers came from all different generations and backgrounds, and arrived from various places for this all-day event. However, Rock ‘N’ Swap was more than just large collections of vintage records and oddities, crated and ready to be purchased. Both sellers and attendees shared exchanging stories of a mutual love for a certain record and playfully bickered over modern day music versus “the good old vinyl.” Continue reading Tuning Into KUSF’s Rock ‘n’ Swap