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The Foghorn Reports on Senate meetings

Katie Ward
Staff Writer

Beginning this semester at the Foghorn, we will be reviving a former feature — weekly Senate (ASUSF) coverage. I will be attending each meeting as Senate Correspondent, and we intend to focus on several key topics. I, a first year Media Studies major with a double minor in journalism and politics, was selected to cover this regular report. This is my second semester at the Foghorn, where I also serve as the copy editor. Continue reading The Foghorn Reports on Senate meetings

DON on the street: Foghorn

Staff Writer

Last semester, the Foghorn underwent a redesign in which our publication went from broadsheet to tabloid format. This change brought with it positive reviews and feedback from both the students and the campus community, which has helped to strengthen our readership and provide a more noticeable voice to USF. As we enter this new semester, we want to invite you to let us know your interests, opinions, and concerns in regards to campus life, activities and academics. The Foghorn is staffed with a few new talented editors and writers who hope to continue the tradition of keeping the campus paper all about you. So, Dons, we ask: What do you want to see from the Foghorn?

Continue reading DON on the street: Foghorn

Millennials Rejoice: Staff Editorial

It seems that our parents have underestimated us again, and we have the studies to prove it. Our generation has endured a multitude of criticisms from our parents and grandparents, ranging from laziness, shallowness, having an addiction to electronics, and being snobby brunchers. But researchers are now saying that there seems to be much more to us than just being selfie-fiends.

A Pew Research study published earlier this year claims that as a post-9/11 generation, we have been pioneering a path more progressive and enlightened than seen before by Generation X. An attack that was intended to break our spirit and confidence only drove us to push for social change. Being a “digitally native” generation, we have turned to social media to express ourselves and connect with people we might have never interacted with. Continue reading Millennials Rejoice: Staff Editorial

In case you haven’t noticed…

Staff Editorial 

…We, at the Foghorn, have gotten a makeover! For the first time in 13 years, our established newspaper has been redesigned in its entirety, as a result of a collaboration with the Office of Communications and Marketing. We present to you a sleek and minimalistic design that offers more color, visual supplements, and design liberty.

This has been a product in the making for the past few semesters; we, as a staff, met time and time again to figure out how exactly we would like to rebrand the century old San Francisco Foghorn. In an effort to keep up with shift in the more modern aesthetics of print media, we present to you the final product of this vision. We hope you love it as much as we do!

We invite you to participate in a survey that will help us continue to tailor your experience as a loyal reader of the Foghorn. The link provided below will allow us to further understand what is expected of us, as the only student newspaper on this campus, as well as, the voice of the students. The more we know of what you hope to see printed in the Foghorn, the more this publication will continue to grow as the academic year continues. You can find the survey at http://goo.gl/MJF7Ho.

We also encourage you to join our conversations on social media! Our Twitter and Facebook pages are managed and monitored by our staff, as we hope to provide real-time updates and increase our online presence.

Thank you, again, for being a loyal reader of the San Francisco Foghorn. And as always, we look forward to hearing from you.

The Foghorn Staff

In With the Old, In With the New

USF’s 111-year-old student newspaper has a new look this semester. The San Francisco Foghorn will be published in tabloid format this academic year, with more color, and a completely updated design. Last year, the Foghorn was an eight-page broadsheet newspaper, and today it is 12 pages and magazine sized. Continue reading In With the Old, In With the New