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Rips & Seams: body-shaming

Emily Pinnell-Stewart 
Staff Writer

The vernal equinox is a little over a week away, and with it comes longer days, warmer weather, and often a collection of clothing that embraces everything we love about spring and summer. Shirts get cropped, skirts get shorter, and everything is bursting with color and life. Unfortunately, there is a big downside to this time of year as well: body-shaming from the fashion industry and media seems to thrive as people prepare for the upcoming months.  Continue reading Rips & Seams: body-shaming

Rips & Seams: Lunar new year

Emily Pinnell-Stewart 
Staff Writer

As San Francisco’s annual Chinese New Year parade approaches, the city and it’s occupants excitedly prepare for the upcoming festivities. The Lunar New Year refers to the celebrations centered around the restart of the Lunar calendar. Typically, celebrations start around the eve of the New Year and can last as long as an entire month. Most Americans have some understanding of the typical fashion and style around the New Year, but there is still confusion about the cultural significance of these garments. In hopes of bringing education to the topic, I spoke to a few students on campus to get their perspective.  Continue reading Rips & Seams: Lunar new year

Rips & Seams: Lingerie for Valentine’s Day

Emily Pilnnell-Stewart
Staff Writer

Greetings and salutations! Starting this semester, The Foghorn will have a weekly fashion column, written by yours truly, that will attempt to embody USF’s mosaic of campus style and serve as an outlet for further discussion on what Fashion really means. For my first piece, I’d like to focus on the idea of self love… Continue reading Rips & Seams: Lingerie for Valentine’s Day

“I.D.G.A.F.” and Fashion for Adult Babies: A Recap of the Runway at SF Fashion Week

Laura Reilly
Contributing Writer

After one week of events, three days of runway shows, twelve designers, a few dozen models, four wine varietals and a house-made sangria, San Francisco Fashion Week came to its close on Sept. 28, not with a bang, but with a charmingly unceremonious call. “Okay that’s it, go and drink now,” said the event’s founder, Owen Geronimo. This had been his preferred closing statement for the past three nights of shows held at coworking space, ECO­-SYSTM.
Continue reading “I.D.G.A.F.” and Fashion for Adult Babies: A Recap of the Runway at SF Fashion Week