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The Nation’s Flawed Grading System

Chelsea SinghChelsea Singh is a freshman biology major.

America, the land of opportunity, was once among the top of education – thirty years later, the nation is now ranked near the bottom. In 2010, America ranked 35th out of the top 40 countries in math and 29th out of 40 in science. One of the factors contributing to this significant decline is the traditional grading system. In all my years of receiving education, and even today as a freshman in college, I’ve experienced situations and have observed how grades affect not only me, but also others. Continue reading The Nation’s Flawed Grading System

Selma: A Fresh Take on Civil Rights Education

Eli MacDonald
Staff Writer

A handful of USF students gathered at the Intercultural Center on Thursday to discuss Selma, a historical drama depicting the 1965 marches for voting rights in Alabama. Due the movie’s focus on themes of activism and equality, the Intercultural Center held the event to open a broader dialogue about equality in the media. As each person around the circle introduced themselves, the majority reported having a strong emotional response after watching the film. Femi Da-Silva, a junior at USF, explained, “My grandma was at Selma, and she had this long scar all down her back from where they beat her. When I saw this movie I couldn’t help but bawl.” Continue reading Selma: A Fresh Take on Civil Rights Education



Pic of Professor Anthony D. FelsTony Fels is an associate professor of history.

Everybody knows that the University of San Francisco is a left-wing school. Many students choose to come here because of the school’s overt commitment to social justice, while others negotiate their way through radical lectures and course assignments as best they can. “Progressive” faculty drive the process forward by hiring like-minded colleagues. Continue reading HAS EDUCATION AT USF BECOME TOO POLITICIZED?

50 Shades of Education Needed

Picture of Haley Heidemann

Haley Heidemann is a junior performing arts and social justice and English major.

Fifty Shades of Grey: the media controversy of the year, or at least everyone’s Facebook news feed. Before I continue, I just want to state that, yes, I have read the books and seen the movie. Personally, I like the books. I find them entertaining and erotic, but that does not mean I don’t acknowledge the ethical and moral problems they possess. There are ways to take these issues, educate yourself and move forward in an active way. Continue reading 50 Shades of Education Needed


Bernadette De Mesa
Contributing Writer

While the Ebola Virus Disease has primarily in- fected people in West Africa, the first U.S. case ap- peared in Dallas, Texas on Sept. 30. With the abrupt spread of the virus consuming the nation’s attention and causing an uproar, USF has been taking preven- tative measures by following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)’s guidelines. Continue reading USF TACKLES EBOLA EPIDEMIC EDUCATION