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Cons Of The Gluten-Free Trend: What To Consider Before Trying It

Courtney Becker
Contributing Writer

Ever thought about going Gluten-Free? As the trend grows rapidly in the United States, (with the market size increasing from $2.3 billion in 2009 to over $3.16 billion in 2013), it’s important to stop and look at the facts before making the huge decision to give up gluten entirely from your diet. With media portraying a gluten-free trend as a positive and healthy choice, one would think that giving it up would be a wise and health conscious decision, but the truth lies farther than what is shown in today’s popular media. Here is some evidence of why going gluten-free may not be as healthy as it seems. Continue reading Cons Of The Gluten-Free Trend: What To Consider Before Trying It

Fast Food Makes Room For Fit Food MKE

Maddie Knowles
Contributing Writer

Deep fried maple bacon cookie dough, mac n’ cheese bacon burger quesadillas, and beer ice cream were big hits during 2014’s Wisconsin State Fair. However, if you’ve ever heard any stereotypes about the midwestern state, you’re probably not too surprised about some of the features on this fat-filled menu. Continue reading Fast Food Makes Room For Fit Food MKE

Food Media presents: Healthy Meal for students

Nichole Rosanova
Staff Writer

Many people often comment and ridicule the diets of college students. Their diets consist of many unhealthy foods and often they justify this because healthy food is expensive and time consuming to prepare. It is a misconception that eating healthy, fast, and cheap do not go hand in hand.

With this idea in mind, media studies student, Luna Fariña decided to follow a college student and record every piece of food they consumed and get them in the act of making it. I think the video showed some inexpensive options and how easy cooking good meals can be for you.  The video challenges students to make healthy choices in their life, and proves that it is not as challenging as one might think.

* The above video was filmed for Beth Hoffman’s Food Media Class


Ariana Kudlo
Staff Writer

This semester, The Foghorn is happy to continue featuring pieces from Beth Hoffman’s Audio Production class! Each issue, we will be highlighting students who have completed and shared their exceptional work.

Luna Farina, a sophomore media major, has adapted a short story by Rachel Ebersole, who attends Bates College in Maine. Having have read the story before, Farina had finally found a way to creatively utilize Ebersole’s piece. Titled Fade, the story delves into a girl who was considered different from others.  Although embracing it in her younger years, growing up forced her to lose herself.

Continue reading PODCAST: FADE