Jose de Acosta Lecture Emphasizes Ethics of Climate Change

Antara Murshed
Staff Writer

Almost every seat was filled in Fromm Hall’s Xavier Auditorium on Feb. 24 where students and faculty gathered for USF’s 8th annual José de Acosta lecture. The aptly named lecture this year was “Climate Change & Sustainability: What’s Physics, Ethics, and Communication Got to Do With it?” presented by Dr. Jim White. Currently the director of the Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research at the University of Colorado, Boulder, Dr. White gave a succinct, engaging talk comparing the intertwining governing laws of physics and ethics that shape how anthropogenic climate change is going to affect the world and everyone in it. Continue reading Jose de Acosta Lecture Emphasizes Ethics of Climate Change

The 2016 Oscars Were Weird

Staff Editorial

Leo finally won an Oscar! Chris Rock was hosting! This past Sunday marked one of the most politically driven Oscars celebrations to date. This year, there were absolutely no black nominees in any category. With the recent twitter trend of #OscarsSoWhite, in addition to numerous boycotts amongst celebrities, notably from Jada Pinkett Smith and Spike Lee, audience members were waiting in high anticipation for Rock’s opening monologue. There was a lot to take in just during this opening speech, which was preceded by a montage made up predominantly of actors of color. The only singular term to describe Chris Rock’s monologue was that it was purely so odd. Continue reading The 2016 Oscars Were Weird

Senate Special Election Results

Brian Healy
Staff Writer

After much anticipation across campus, results for Senate’s Special Elections are finally in. The proposal to restructure the Senate from 34 to 16 members has passed with a 95 percent approval rate, while the increase of the Student Activity Fee failed to pass with only a 60 percent approval rating when 67 percent approval was needed to pass. Continue reading Senate Special Election Results


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