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Students Spread Stories and Food from Home

Kianna Fernandez
Contributing Writer

Chatter, laughter, and different accents filled the air as audience members began arriving for International Education Week’s event “Stories and Food from Home.” Couches and chairs were scattered around on the UC 4th floor lounge on Nov. 18 as clusters of students began to form, high-fiving each other and introducing their friends. Presentations by undergraduate student speakers showcased Latvia, Brazil, Nepal, and China before food and drinks from each country were served. Continue reading Students Spread Stories and Food from Home

USF Takes Off the Masks, Investigates Masculinity

Nureen Khadr
Staff Writer

The filmmakers that created the award-winning documentary “Miss Representation” on women in the United States and how the media impacts them, have been busy working on their new documentary “The Mask You Live In,” which was screened last Thursday evening at USF’s Presentation Theater. Directed by Jennifer Siebel Newsom, the film follows boys and young men as they attempt to discover what it means to be a man in the United States. It explores heavy issues surrounding how young boys suffer in their friendships and relationships as a result of the imposed machismo values that are celebrated by American society. Continue reading USF Takes Off the Masks, Investigates Masculinity

Black Student Union Hosts USF Black Out in Solidarity with Mizzou

Katie Ward
Staff Writer

Over one hundred USF community members participated in an emotional conversation last Thursday when the Black Student Union held a campuswide Black Out to stand in solidarity with students of color, particularly the black students of the University of Missouri who received racist death threats. Continue reading Black Student Union Hosts USF Black Out in Solidarity with Mizzou

From the University Community Garden to the Farm Stand

Brian Healy
Staff Writer

Tucked behind the Education Building sits the USF Community Garden, where squash, rhubarb, and many other natural favorites are nurtured for eventual consumption by the USF community. The responsibility of caring and harvesting the produce rests on students who are part of the Community Outreach class within the Urban Agriculture Department. The students have a vested interest in the vegetables’ upbringing, since they cook the meals that are showcased at the USF Farm Stand on Gleeson Plaza. Continue reading From the University Community Garden to the Farm Stand

Minorities Within a Minority

Serena Arena
Contributing Writer                                                                     

The event last week “The Middle Eastern Refugee Crisis: The Personal Experience from an LGBTQ Perspective,” touched on a very specific group of minorities in the Middle Eastern refugee community. The event was put on by peer advisors Bisma Shahbaz and Aysel Demirbag, and international studies student and Foghorn EIC Nureen Khadr, alongside the International Studies department. We were honored to have Subhi Nahas, Ali Khoie, and Neil Grungas, speak to us here on campus. Nahas and Khoie are both refugees living in the U.S., and Neil is an immigration attorney from ORAM (Organization for Refuge, Asylum & Migration) who gave the audience a legal framework to examine the process of seeking asylum and achieving refugee status. Continue reading Minorities Within a Minority